Wuyi Wang, Ph.D. Senior Director of Global GMP Production

Dr. Wuyi Wang earned an organic chemistry Ph.D. from Michigan State University, focusing on stereo-controlled synthesis and processes. He researched in University of Notre Dame and University of Alberta on molecules that would target neuro receptors and disease indicating DNAs. Working at BioChem Pharma (which later became Shire Pharmaceuticals Global R&D facility), Dr. Wang was a lead chemist managing a collaborative pain control program with AB Astra, which led to a candidate drug of clinical significance. He designed a parallel solution phase strategy using Negishi technology to produce analogs for hit-to-lead screening, a work that awarded him an inventor status for novel HCV inhibitors patents. He is a corresponding author of peer-reviewed papers in reputed journals. Dr. Wang joined Chempacific in 2002. He has directed GMP programs and is an author of quality SOPs and DMFs. He also manages FDA site inspection and regulatory communication.

Xianghui Tan, Ph.D. Chief Technical Officer of US Operations

Dr. Xianghui Tan obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Science and Technology of China. He then researched in University of Texas Medical Center-Dallas. He joined Chempacific in 2008. He has strong background at both reaction methodologies, total synthesis of natural products, process chemistry, and cGMP production.

Jian Huang Ph.D. Chief Technical Officer of China Operations

Dr. Jian Huang obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, MN and completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship in Organic Chemistry at Harvard University, Cambridge MA. He joined Chempacific in 2008. He has a strong background in design and synthesis of complicated organic molecules and development of cost-efficient scalable processes.

Peter WU, Ph.D. Head of QC

Dr. Peter Wu obtained his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Nanjing University, China and completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, He continued his career as a Research Associate at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Visiting Associate Professor at Shizuoka University, Japan, Scientist at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan, and Research Associate at University of Maryland at Baltimore. He joined Chempacific in 2006. He has a strong knowledge and experience in various modern analytical instrument and technologies. He directs QC department for routine activities under cGMP /GLP compliance, drafting QC related SOPs and DMFs, participating NDA/IND filing.